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Bible studies, skits, devotions, parent tips, and more…all resources you need to do Youth Ministry. Download, print, make as many copies as you need! All we ask is that you don’t reprint it as your own work. Give credit where it’s due–to the youthESource and its writers.

Activities & Games

Events/Activities | Games

Apologia Talks

Apologia Talks provide evaluation of relevant doctrinal issues with Scriptural and doctrinal connects, all in bite-sized, easy to understand segments. It is a useful tool as you work to combat confusion among the youth you teach.

Bible Studies

youthESource Bible studies are written for use in congregational youth settings, but can be adapted for other settings. Studies vary from one-time studies to multi-part studies.

Book Talks

Book Talks provide reviews and discussion guides on popular books for teens.


Use Source Devotions to enhance your own devotional life, or use them with your youth. Check in regularly for a dip into the Word of God to refresh and renew your spirit.



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Parent Tips

Parenting Point Blog

Questions for God

Answers to questions teens and young adults ask.

Resource Kits

Each of these guides contains a number of resources designed to give you, the adult leader, information and ideas, and includes Bible studies, devotions, and more to use with youth.


Use these resources to plan your next retreat. They come complete with Bible study ideas, devotions, activities and more.

Skits and Dramas

Find skits and dramas for use in worship, youth group, family event settings and more.

Word One Lectionary Studies

Word One Lectionary Studies are a collection of Bible studies based on the Gospel readings. This series will include a study for most Sundays of the church year and for some festivals, allowing you to explore with youth the same texts that are heard in worship on Sunday morning.

Worship Resources

Use these special prayers, litanies, and services in a service for or led by youth

Youth Ministry Webinars

LCMS Youth Ministry hosts FREE, monthly, one-hour webinars with leading experts in the field.  Join us for meaningful conversation around relevant topics of youth ministry theory and practice.

Youth Nights

The youth nights include everything you need to plan a youth night around a specific topic…games, devotions, activities, Bible studies and more.