The Stride

by Various Authors

The Stride is all about longevity in youth ministry…how to survive, thrive, and stick with youth ministry for the long haul. It’s written by people who have been doing youth ministry for 15+ years and is for anyone wanting to go the distance in ministry.

Inside the Teen World

by Cassie Moore

DCE Cassie Moore explores the world, lives, thoughts, passions, etc. of today’s teens.

Parenting Point

by Tawn Bueltmann

In this blog, Tawn Bueltmann walks alongside parents of teens, sharing what she has gleaned through experience and education to help parents be spiritual leaders of their households.

All Things New

by Brandon Metcalf

Brandon Metcalf is in his first year as a Director of Christian Education, and is sharing all the new things that God is teaching him.

Source Devotions

by Various Authors

Use Source Devotions to enhance your own devotional life, or use them with your youth. Check in regularly for a dip into the Word of God to refresh and renew your spirit.

Young Adults in Action

by Julianna Shults and Various Authors

This blog offers encouragement and advice for young adult ministries.