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Kristin Schmidt

Originally from California, Kristin now teaches preschool in Athens, Georgia. When she isn't teaching or waiting tables at her "tent-making" job, Kristin works with children and youth ministry at her church, leading Sunday School and summer programs. An avid runner, she also coaches middle school track and cross-country. Kristin enjoys baking, reading, playing the flute, and studying random trivia.

Stress Bible Study

Bible Study: From Above, Around, or Within

This Bible study discusses and addresses some of the stressors teens face, and seeks to guide them back to the peace that passes all understanding, found in Christ alone. Continue reading

0 Comments / 165 View / May 19, 2017

Cultivating Koinonia

God values community, so how can we nurture it? Continue reading

0 Comments / 223 View / April 24, 2017

Responsibility or Retreat? Youth Discussion Guide on Refugee Crisis Care

How should we handle things like the refugee crisis and the fears it brings up? Continue reading

2 Comments / 170 View / March 30, 2017

Providing Family for Those who have None

God has given the church a definite and resounding responsibility to look after and protect one another. Continue reading

0 Comments / 182 View / March 21, 2017

Bible Study: Facing the Unknown – Terrifying Transitions

How can we best work through life transitions and changes? Continue reading

0 Comments / 726 View / June 29, 2016

Breaking the Ice without Sinking the Ship

There are always options when it comes to incorporating newcomers into a youth program. Continue reading

0 Comments / 126 View / June 15, 2016

Bible Study: Who is Jesus? Who are We?

These seven lessons follow Christ’s life, with each study based on a theme of Jesus’s character or ministry, focusing on how that aspect relates to our Christian lives today. Continue reading

0 Comments / 459 View / January 22, 2016

Technology: Tool, Treasure, Tyrant or Trouble?

Best Practices for Youth Group Use without Abuse We have all likely seen it: adolescents going about daily routines with backs hunched, heads down and hands seemingly attached to electronic devices.  They text and tap and tweet fluidly, as if…

2 Comments / 355 View / August 28, 2015

Bible Study: Keeping the Body Image Beast at Bay

This Bible study seeks to emphasize what a body is and is not, with intent to promote confidence and self-worth in youth. Continue reading

0 Comments / 2336 View / April 29, 2015