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Cassie Moore

Cassie Moore is a writer, speaker, and Christian educator living in St. Petersburg, Florida. She grew up in Illinois and Minnesota, earned her degree from Concordia University in Irvine, California, and has served students in six states over the last decade. She is passionate about relational, Christ-centered ministry and outreach, and enjoys observing culture, exploring new places, painting, writing, reading, speaking professionally and talking to strangers. She lives with her husband Tyler, a pastor, and two Australian Shepherd puppies. Cassie is the author of Authentic Youth Ministry, published by Concordia Publishing House. You can also read more of her writing at her blog at

Trigger Warning

Inside the Teen World: Trigger Warning

My students openly discuss their personal feelings with more frequency than they did a decade ago. It’s not unusual for teens to label themselves as “anxious,” “depressed,” “unstable,” or “triggered” by a particular behavior. Continue reading

0 Comments / 141 View / July 14, 2017

worries about teens

Inside the Teen World: What Worries Us About Our Generation

A group of teens share what worries them about their generation. Continue reading

0 Comments / 198 View / October 19, 2016

Inside the Teen World: Teaching Students to Be Still

How can we teach the habit of being still before the Lord to our students? Continue reading

0 Comments / 357 View / March 23, 2016

Inside the Teen Mind: Challenge Kids to do the Hard Things

Perhaps it’s time for students to be stretched outside their limits. Continue reading

2 Comments / 387 View / February 23, 2016

Inside the Teen Mind: The Hardest Thing About Being a Teen

Cassie asked a group, “What is the hardest thing about being a teen today?” Here are their answers. Continue reading

0 Comments / 2927 View / December 8, 2015

teens respond to terrorism

Inside the Teen World: Teens Respond to Terrorism

Students react candidly to acts of terrorism in another country. Continue reading

0 Comments / 972 View / November 18, 2015

Inside the Teen World: A Generation Born in Fear

Today’s teens are a generation born in fear, and their fear indicates a deep-seated and unconscious distrust of fellow man. Continue reading

0 Comments / 261 View / September 10, 2015

Inside the Teen World: The Angst of Adolescence

A fourteen-year-old gives candid insight into what it’s really like being a teen today. Continue reading

0 Comments / 159 View / August 27, 2015

Face to Face with a Gathering Planner

I’ve been three times. Every time, I cried. Words failed me and left me breathless with wonder. My faith was deepened. My worldview was challenged. Few events we attend have the power to transform lives like the National Youth Gathering,…

1 Comment / 346 View / May 29, 2015

Inside the Teen World: 6 Phrases That Get Under Teen Skin

Cassie interviewed teens to find out what phrases irritate them the most. Continue reading

1 Comment / 725 View / May 18, 2015