Devotions and Discussions for Ministry Team Meetings

Meetings can be awesome. Meetings can also be awful. But you should never have a meeting without a specific purpose and a plan. This tool might be able to help with that for your ministry team.

Built to Last: What’s Your Story?

The more you start sharing the story of how God has worked in youth ministry over the years, the more excitement, involvement, and support you’ll find for your current ministry, and this is a big step towards a ministry that is built to last.

All Things New: Making the Most of Adult Volunteers

Brandon offers a great tip on how to make the most of adult volunteers.

Devotion: Walk with God

A devotion for new youth workers on personal spiritual growth

How to Write a Devotion

A few tips on writing devotions for teens.

How to Write a Bible Study

Tips on how to write a Bible study for youth

The Spiritual Care and Nurture of Volunteers

How do you recruit volunteers? What qualities are you looking for in a volunteer? What kind of jobs do you give to volunteers?

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