Hitting the “Reset” Button

Why wait until the calendar turns the page to start something that we could’ve done now? We don’t have to wait until a big transition or change in order to make a resolution or have a reset.

Wanting to Walk Away from it All

This article is for you, that person struggling right now and feeling alone. The person afraid to be vulnerable and admit what you’re really feeling.

Devotions and Discussions for Ministry Team Meetings

Meetings can be awesome. Meetings can also be awful. But you should never have a meeting without a specific purpose and a plan. This tool might be able to help with that for your ministry team.

Bible Study: Who is Jesus? Who are We?

These seven lessons follow Christ’s life, with each study based on a theme of Jesus’s character or ministry, focusing on how that aspect relates to our Christian lives today.

Lent Devotion: Where Were You?

a devotion on the song “Where Were You?” for times of doubt and trouble

Lent Devotion: Knowing an Unknowable Love

a devotion on the Lenten hymn “My Song is Love Unknown”

Chancel Dramas for Six Lenten Services

chancel dramas for Lent based on the Gospel readings for Lectionary Series B

Skit: Doubting Thomas

by Ron Unger This drama is based on the Gospel lesson (John 20:19-21) for the Second Sunday of Easter (lectionary series B). Download a PDF of Doubting Thomas. Cast: T = Thomas #1 = Disciple #2 = Disciple J = Jesus To be spoken at a quick tempo, in meter. 1: Hey...

Bible Study: He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!

Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with this Easter Bible study.

Skit: The Joy of the Resurrection

In this Easter drama, two friends share the joy of a favorite team’s success. This modern day story then becomes interwoven with the account of Jesus’ resurrection.

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